Document Management

Store Important Documents With Our Management Systems

In today’s workplace, the accurate storage and retrieval of documents is critical to the success of all organizations. Care must be given to ensure the proper handling of important records, and timely access to these records is often imperative.

Storing your paper documents in a digital format allows you to quickly access your business records with a simple stroke of the keyboard. The elimination of paper storage is one of the many benefits of digital documents. In addition, with proper backup procedures, an extra level of security is added for recovery of catastrophic events.

Digitech PaperVision Enterprise software is a client or web-based HIPAA compliant document management system and has built-in tools which allows it to interface with your existing software (including Microsoft SharePoint®) for quick document retrieval. PaperVision® Enterprise can capture e-mail communication as well as store documents directly from Word, Excel, and any file from a Windows folder.


Our “in-house” Service Bureau provides the following services:

  • Fully HIPAA Compliant Scanning Solutions for Medical Clinics and Hospitals of any size
  • Paper to Digital conversion
  • Back scanning for “third-party” document management systems
  • Microfilm conversion to digital including microfiche
  • Document Destruction